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Offer up to $2,000,000 to your clients with No Medical Exam

for IUL, WL and TERM life products in all 50 States underwritten by A+ Rated carriers.

Working with U.S. Immigrant Clients?

Offer Life Insurance for Non-U.S. Citizens regardless of their Immigration Status.

El 68% de nuestros agentes habla Español.

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No Medical Exam Underwriting


Rated Premier Carriers


Policy Delivery Via Secured Email


First Year Commission

Up To


Book of Business Ownership


To Foreign and

Non-US Citizens


Minimum Production Requirement


To Full Control of

Your Business


Desk and Back Office Fees


To 100% Independence

Why we are different



No Exam < $2M (WL, IUL, TERM)

Instant Application Approval

24h Policy Delivery

60-110% Advanced Commission

Training and Support

Non-US Citizen approval regardless of documentation status

No Cost Living Benefits

Partner on a case-by-case basis

Agent App & Client App

Trusted by Industry Leaders. Backed by A+ Rated Carriers

Why we are different



No Exam < $2M (WL, IUL, TERM)

Instant Application Approval

24h Policy Delivery

60-110% Advanced Commission

Training and Support

Non-US Citizen approval regardless of documentation status

No Cost Living Benefits

Partner on a case-by-case basis

Agent App & Client App

Trusted by Industry Leaders. Backed by A+ Rated Carriers

No Medical Exam Up to $2,000,000

Whole Life

Term Life

Indexed Universal Life


Increase Approval


More Clients




Mins Wait for Support


Better Experience

Integrity. Multiculturalism. Recognition

Offer Coverage for non-U.S. Citizens

  • Undocumented Immigrants

  • Permanent Residents

  • Foreign Nationals

FLOW carriers covers documented and undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. As long as individuals have a valid passport, a U.S. bank account, and have lived in the U.S. for over four months, they can receive up to $2 million coverage for all our products.

Products your clients LOVE, COMMISSION that make YOU LOVE US.

Offer policies without a medical exam , 24h issue speed - up to 110% advanced commissions.



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The best Agent Portal that's ever existed

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The Industry Leader of Living Benefits.

Included in all products. For No Cost.

FAQs for Full Transparency

Coverage & Product Details:

Commission & Financial Details:

Contracting & Partnerships

Company Information & History

What products do you offer?

We provide non-medical products up to $2,000,000 death benefit on IUL, Term, and Whole Life policies, with instant approval and five living benefits (Chronic, Critical, Terminal, Injury and Alzheimers) included for no additional cost to your clients. We also offer fully underwritten cases, foreign coverage, global life insurance, advanced market sales, and premium financing with no coverage limit. Learn more about our Products.

What are the coverage options available for non-U.S. citizens and Immigrants living in the U.S?

We provide coverage to both documented and undocumented immigrants. If your client have a valid passport, a U.S. bank account, and have resided in the U.S. for more than four months, they are eligible for up to $2 million in coverage across all our products including Whole Life, Term and IUL.

Do you provide living benefits in your products?

Yes, all of our products including IUL, TERM and WHOLE LIFE include Living Benefits for Chronic, Terminal, Critical, Injury and Alzheimer Disease at no additional cost to your clients.

Could you provide more information about non-medical underwriting?

Sure! Non-medical underwriting allows clients to obtain policies with a death benefit amount up to $2,000,000 simply by answering a few medical questions, without the requirement for a medical examination across all of our product line.

This method is not just streamlined but also exceptionally fast, with the majority of approvals being issued on the same day. Clients typically receive their policies in just 48 hours. It's available to both U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals. .

Do you offer life insurance to Foreign Nationals living outside of the U.S.?

Yes. Our life insurance agency is one of the first agencies that has the ability to provide global life insurance coverage starting January of 2024. If you have clients residing in any of our pre-approved countries, you have the opportunity to offer them life insurance, regardless of their connection to the United States. In other words, if you have a client who lives in Latin America, Asia, Australia or any other pre-approved countries, you can get them covered. For those interested in expanding their portfolio with Global Life Insurance products, please schedule a meeting with us to begin the contracting process.

What is the starting commission level?

Newly licensed agents start at a 50% commission rate, which can rise up to 100%.

For full transparency, refer to our Commission Guidelines.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Every relationship is valuable to us, and we believe in fostering these connections personally. Please schedule a meeting to learn more.

Am I issued a 1099 or a W2 for my commissions?

Your commissions are issued as a 1099, reflecting that you operate your own business.

Do you provide advanced commission payout?

Yes, we pay advanced commissions to our agents and partners.

Can I partner while affiliated with another company?

Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with financial professionals who are currently affiliated with another company. We understand that you may have existing relationships and commitments. Try out our carriers and see if we are a good fit. Schedule a meeting for more information.

Am I contracted with Flow International Group or National Life Group?

You are directly contracted with National Life Group Life Insurance Company. Our agency has chosen this approach to ensure your independence. You retain ownership of your book of business and all renewal commissions. This means that even if you decide to leave the industry, you will continue to receive the overrides. Additionally, your commissions are paid by National Life Group.

Do you offer leads?

Absolutely! We provide leads to all our agents. Given the high interest from U.S. immigrants, we're excited to offer our bilingual agents free leads for 30 days from clients who prefer speaking in our bilingual agents' native language. With us, you can help them regardless of immigration status. 😊

Who is Flow International?

Flow International "FLOW" is a trusted partner of agents, agencies and premier life insurance companies. We offer partnerships and direct contracts to Financial Representatives, Financial Advisors, Life Insurance Agents and Agencies to represent National Life Group Life Insurance Company and Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company. As an exclusive partner of these carriers, we streamline the onboarding and contracting process, ensuring a smooth start for our partners.

Who is the A+ rated carriers/life insurance companies that underwrites the policies?

The A+ rated carrier that underwrites our policies is National Life Group and Fidelity and Guaranty. National Life Group is known for its 176 year old history, financial strength, stability, and commitment to policyholders.

Who is the Founder of Flow International Group (FLOW)?

Our Founder is Istvan G. Kovalkovits. From Hungary to the U.S., Istvan's journey has seen him work alongside big names like Allianz, Northwestern Mutual and 16 other premier life insurance companies for over a decade. Searching for the best of both worlds - the trusted ways of the past and the fresh ideas of the present - he founded Flow International Group (FIG).

As the Founder at FIG, he's all about mixing the best training with offering top-notch NON-MEDICAL IUL, WL and TERM products, and making sure agents get the freedom they need. Under his watch, FIG isn't just a National Life Group Partner. With an International Team spanning numerous nationalities among both agents and clients in the U.S., FIG truly reflects its global spirit. Outside the boardroom, Istvan has a heart for philanthropy, frequently donating to support children in Central and South America.

FAQ image

Who is the Founder of National Life Group (NLG)?

Mehran Assadi is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of National Life Group. Assadi joined National Life in September 2003 as the Executive Consultant to the Chief Executive Officer charged with overseeing strategic initiatives. Shortly thereafter he was hired and appointed interim Chief Operating Officer. In 2005, he was appointed the company’s President of Life and Annuity. Since becoming President and Chief Executive Officer in 2009, Mr. Assadi has led major growth in both top and bottom line results of National Life’s life and annuity products and has worked to build a culture of collaboration, engagement and empowerment among employees. He joined National Life’s Board of Directors in 2009 and was elected Chairman in 2017. Before joining National Life Group, Mr. Assadi served as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer at Provident Mutual in Newark, Delaware. A graduate of Towson University, Assadi has a Master's in Management Information Systems from the University of Baltimore.

Same-Day Issue.

24h Delivery.

  • Instant Underwriting Software

  • Immediate Decisions

  • No Medical Exam up to $2,000,000

  • Assigned Case Manager

  • E-Delivery or Physical Mailing

  • Application takes less than 10 minutes

Revise disclosure to, "The agents of Flow International Group offers policies issued by National Life Group Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance of the Southwest and Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company, among other carriers . Products and their features may not be available in all states.

Terms and conditions apply."